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In Memorium:

Remembering the loved ones we have sadly lost is very personal and we all find our own way to cherish those memories.  For some, it may mean visits to their final resting place or somewhere that holds special memories of happy times, and for others it is keeping a little part of their loved one with them as they go about their daily lives, drawing comfort and strength from that continuing contact.  Here at Kristaval Keepsakes, we offer highly personal help through our bespoke memorial jewellery.  We offer a unique service, working with our clients in a sensitive and respectful way.  Currently our bespoke designs are only for rings and pendants.  We don’t have a range of ‘off the shelf’ items.  Rather, we take note of our client’s wishes and design pieces that are highly personal to them and reflect those thoughts and memories of a loved one they wish to remember.  All our memorial jewellery is made using 925 sterling silver* and we encase ashes in resin, ensuring that they are securely enclosed.  

We know that this step is an emotional one to take, and one which means a great deal to you.  It therefore means a great deal to us too.  Helping our clients with such a momentous and heartfelt decision is a privilege and an honour we take very seriously so please rest assured that, if you decide to commission memorial jewellery from Kristaval, we will always treat both you and any ashes entrusted to us with the utmost care and respect.

* We offer hallmarking on request