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Memories to Last a Lifetime



At Kristaval Keepsakes we aim to make your shopping experience as simple and enjoyable as possible. We have organised our designs with colour in mind. Click here to check out our collections.

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Memorial Jewellery

Remembering the loved ones we have sadly lost is very personal and we all find our own way to cherish those memories. We offer highly personal help in choosing and designing your bespoke memorial jewellery.

About Us

Kristaval Keepsakes is a recently established small independent jeweller.

Our aim is to create pieces which are original, different and affordable whilst at the same time being classic and timeless.  We want our clients to be able to wear their Kristaval jewellery over the years with the same enjoyment as when they first put it on.  

All our jewellery is hand made and currently, we use only 925 Sterling Silver, genuine gemstones and crystals.

The Bridal Box

We're excited to bring to you Kristaval's long awaited Bridal Collection. Featuring designs to complement your dress and colour scheme, we create unique jewellery for all the bridal party.